Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions as mentioned here govern the overall usage of https://www.etavisa-srilanka.org/ by applicants. Before you apply, confirm and agree the terms and conditions .We request you the go through thoroughly the mentioned terms.

As stated below, the following are the terms and conditions that are applicable to YOU when using our WEBSITE.

To use and utilize the ETA services provided on this website, you must be above the age of 18 years at the time of accessing this website.

When you access this website, you agree to all the terms and conditions, privacy policy and the disclaimer as mentioned on this website

Your obligations when using the website – https://www.etavisa-srilanka.org

  • That you will provide complete and accurate information as required in the application form, devoid of any errors or omissions as mentioned in your passport and other documents.
  • That you refrain from entering any information that is incorrect, or unlawful
  • That you shall never use or utilize this website in indulging in any criminal activity, misleading information causing harm to anybody or hurting the religious sentiments of any community anywhere in the world.
  • That you will provide any additional information (other than submitted in application form) as may be required to process your ETA Visa.
  • That you have the authorization and mandate to fill up application on behalf of 'others' (actual travellers) on whose behalf you may be submitting the application.

Our obligation https://www.etavisa-srilanka.org towards YOU (Users)

  • Thoroughly review and comprehensive verify the application form you submit on our website
  • Cross the details you submit whether they are in line with the requirements of ETA Sri Lanka for issuance of E-Visa
  • To provide prompt ETA services for the fee as mentioned
  • Ensure safe and secure online payment for ETA fee
  • Review from time to time and update, revise and edit the Terms, Privacy, Pricing on the website to provide you improved services
  • We have put in place all systems and procedures to provide you uninterrupted services through our website, but 24/7 website availability cannot be guaranteed for reasons beyond our control

Refund Policy :

Refund is only possible in case your application has not been submitted to Govt Authorities at the time of your refund/cancellation request. Once the application has been submitted to the Govt Authorities for processing your ETA, no refund will be possible. If your application is rejected by the Govt Authorities we are unable to provide a refund and you will have to apply to the local Embassy for a tourist / business visa which will incur additional charges. Your fee will be refunded by request in case of any errors or omissions from our side. In case of any data is entered by you is wrong and the application already has been submitted to the Govt authorities, then the application fee can not be refunded and you will need to make a fresh application with fresh payment of the application fee.

For refunds you may contact us via contact form on the website or sending by email to contact@etavisa-srilanka.org