Sri Lanka produces some good fun waves, offshore winds are super consistent during the monsoon season.The best surf season at the on the southwest (hikkaduwa etc) is from November to march and then on the east coast (arugam bay) from may to september. 

  • The coast from Arugam Bay to Hikkaduwa is littered with long sand bottom point breaks and hidden reefs.Arugam Bay is a bay situated on Sri Lanka’s east coast approximately 320 km east of Colombo. It is the most popular travel destination on the east coast and is known for its great surf. Arugam Bay is a laid back spot with just a strip of beach accommodation along the main road dotted with restaurants and cafes.

  • The point at Arugam Bay is its major drawcard, with people from all over the world coming to sample its delights. Fortunately, it is not as crowded as many other surf breaks around the world and it is still possible to catch a session all by yourself. If the crowds do get too much, there are many other options just a short tuk tuk ride away. Over the last few years, Arugam Bay has played host to a number of surfing contest, both on the World Qualifying Series and Men’s World Longboard Championship proving it can still match the more popular surfing destinations on an international scale.

  • The bay itself plays host to a large fleet of fishing boats which operate off the beach, so fresh fish is always an option at the local restaurants. The best time of the year to visit is between April and October, which is when the surf is at its best. The Arugam Bay area is also home to some very cheeky monkeys. Remember to lock your doors at night. Apart from that, Arugam Bay is a great place to unwind, and enjoy a mellow party scene.

  • The east coast of Sri Lanka also offers excellent elephant viewing, sometimes just off the side of the main road. A few hours south is Yala National Park, a major tourist drawcard. It is a great opportunity to see herds of elephants, leopards, crocodiles as well as a huge array of birds and reptiles. For those who travel to Sri Lanka’s east coast, a safari here is an essential part. 

  • The surfing centre of Sri Lanka's west coast is Hikkaduwa, a small town towards the southern tip only 17 km from Galle. Located on the famous Galle Road, it is primarily a tourist destination famous for its beach, surfing, coral and nightlife.Hikkaduwa portrays a fun vibe with lots of different bars, cafes and hotels arranged in a strip around the main road.

  • There are many affordable hotels and guesthouses along a beautiful stretch of beach that overlook the surf. At night you can wander between cafes enjoying the sunset and surrounding nightlife.Hikkaduwa offers some great options for both surfing and snorkelling, with a few different peaks and reefs to choose from. There are also a lot of lesser known spots hidden in bays and coves. If you're searching for a watery escape, then aim to travel between November and April. The monsoon during the off season can make it quite unpleasant. Otherwise, head over to Arugam Bay on the east coast. Hikkaduwa is the perfect place to base yourself for an adventure on Sri Lanka's west coast.