A wealth of river basin based water heritage is abundant in Sri Lanka. Reservoirs of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) are different from the water tanks we see in ancient civilizations or bodies of water collected for purposes such as generation of electricity or supplying water for consumption.

  • Viji Wewa
  • Parakrama Samudraya or Sea of Parakrama
  • Minneriya
  • Kantale Weva
  • Ridiyagama
  • Yoda weva
  • Tissa Wewa (Anuradhapura)
  • Tissa Wewa (Tissamaharama)
  • Badagiriya
  • Lunugamwehera
  • Muruthawela
  • Hurulu weva
  • Abhayavapi tank
  • Nuwara weva
  • Naccaduwa wewa

Stupas of Ancient Sri Lanka

  • Ruwanwelisaya
  • Thuparamaya
  • Ridi Vihara
  • Lovamahapaya
  • Abhayagiri Dagaba
  • Jetavanarama
  • Mirisaveti Stupa
  • Lankarama
  • Isurumuniya
  • Rathna Prasadaya
  • Dakkhina Stupa
  • Sela Cetiya
  • Naka Vihara
  • Kiribath Vehera
  • Pubbarama
  • Tapovana

Cave Temples of ancient Sri Lanka

Cave temples had been used in Sri Lanka since ancient times, the magnificent cave temple complex in Dambulla built by king Valagamba. Cave temples has preserved some of the best examples of Sinhalse art and Sinhalese architecture.

  • Vessagiri
  • Dambulla Rock Temple
  • Pilikuththuwa Raja Maha Vihara
  • Aluvihara Rock Cave Temple
  • Dimbulagala Raja Maha Vihara
  • Bogoda and Dowa cave temples
  • Kinihiri Kanda Temple

Palaces of ancient Sri Lanka

  • Queen's Palace
  • Sigiriya built in the 5th Century AD was a combination of natural and man made fortress built around a 200 meter tall rock on which was the royal Sky Palace. It is world-renowned for the beautiful Sigiriya Frescoes.

Landscaping in ancient Sri Lanka

  • Magul Uyana
  • Mahameghavana Garden
  • Ranmasu Uyana

Royal Baths of ancient Sri Lanka

  • Kuttam Pokuna

Sculpture in ancient Sri Lanka

  • Maligawila Buddha statue
  •  Samadhi Statue
  • Toluwila Statue
  • Avukana Buddha Statue
  • Buduruwagala Statue
  • Rasvehera Statue

      Lakes in Sri Lanka

When visiting Sri Lanka there is enough beautiful scenery to occupy one’s trip, and adding to the bountiful scenic areas of the country are the numerous lakes that can be found throughout the island.One of the most famous lakes located right in the heart of the Colombo is known as the Beira Lake. This man made lake was originally constructed during the colonial era of both the Portuguese and the English and was used to ferry goods in the area quickly and efficiently. Originally 100 hectares in size the lake has been shrunk to its current size of 60 hectares due to urbanization.Bolgoda Lake is the largest natural lake in Sri Lanka and is also the largest freshwater lakes as well. This beautiful lake covers two thirds of the Kalutara district and runs from Anguruwatota to Piliyandala.

Rivers in Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka is a land that is blessed with a healthy offering of natural bounties especially when it comes to rivers and other natural formations. The majority of the rivers in the country originate form the highlands and cannot be reached in their upper reaches.These lakes add to the diverse nature of this tropical country and truly add to its beauty.
  • The longest river in Sri Lanka is the Mahaweli that is around 330 KM in length and plays an important role in providing power to certain parts of the country. The second longest river is the Aravi Aru which earns its position with a length of 220 KM.
  • Even though much of Sri Lanka is dry and features very little in the way of permanent rivers, a certain area in the South West of the country features a high concentration of lakes making it one of the most fertile areas in the country.
  • The rivers also support a rich offering of life including various aquatic plants, bivalves and fish. Sri Lanka also has up to 90 species of fish and 21 crabs while some ongoing studies seem to suggest that there is the possibility that there are more undiscovered species located on the island